Musical Education Class TRIOLĖ for babies and children from 4 months to 3 years old.

The musical activities are held in childhood-friendly and playful environment where children feel safe, comfortable and are allowed to express themselves creatively.  When working with children I use various Lithuanian and foreign education techniques. I am always highly interested in exploring new areas of musical education. For this reason, I often participate in seminars and lectures as I want the musical education class to always be attractive, interesting and useful for my young participants. Moreover, I would like the children to grow and learn as creative, talented, harmonious and intellectual personalities. 


  • Is a great opportunity to better undertsand your child, his development and his needs;
  • It helps the child to easier adapt to the surrounding world;
  • Education from early childhood provides a child with best posibilities of improvement;
  • Is a long, continues and consistent process.  

Accodring to the age the classes are divided into these groups:

  1. Babies (from 4 to 12months of age)
  2. Youngsters (from 1- to 1.5 years of age)
  3. Kids (from 1.5 to  3 years of age)


Each activity session takes 45 minutes and is held once a week. During the sessions, the children learn many songs, games and lulabbies, their parents gain useful knowledge about early childs musical education methods such as active listening, games of fingers and rythm, learn new playful forms of communication with the child. This helps to fully educate your offsprings from the begining of their lives. 

I welcome all of you: grandmothers and grandfathers, parents and nannies together with the children to these musical education classes. Here we all together will foster childs creativity, talents, interpersonal connections and bonds of trust as well as love for the music and the surrounding world.


Please register in advance:

Mobile: 8-672-814-33


Music studio TRIOLĖ